July 16, 2005

The Gretchens appeared live on KZSU!
The Gretchens appeared on KZSU FM’s Wednesday Night Live program August 3, 2005 from 9:00 to 10:00 p.m. PDT. KZSU (Stanford) can be heard in the San Francisco Bay Area at 90.1 FM and streaming live around the world at

KZSU has been an ally of the Gretchens throughout 2005. This unlikely alliance was forged by KZSU on-air personality and Music Director extraordinaire, Your Imaginary Friend, who single-handedly championed the Gretchens’ cause.

Call the KZSU hotline at 650.723.9010 to let them know you love the Gretchens as much (if not more) than they do — and request your favorite Gretchens’ song.

April 22, 2005

KZSU (Stanford) on “Cover Your Ears”:
“… trashy fun rock, garagey, punky, surfy, indie, all together with girl drummers and mostly female vocals. Great stuff …”
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March 17, 2005

Review of “Cover Your Ears” in the Sacramento News and Review:
“Gnarly, dude! The Gretchens’ debut self-released album, Cover Your Ears, rides the waves on some totally tubular surf-rock riffs. This Orange County quartet has a wide variety of sounds on one CD …”
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November 19, 2004

Cover your Ears, the very first full-length recording from the Gretchens, was made available in November 2004. The 22-song independently released CD is jammed with all of your favorite Gretchens’ songs. Buy your copy today from

The band recorded Cover Your Ears over a couple days during Lent 2004 at Desert Moon Recording in Anaheim, California, just beyond the shadow of the Happiest Place on Earth. Fueled by lots of beer and a desire to capture the Gretchen sound for posterity, the band cranked through song after song, never looking back to correct the occasional bum note or timing mistakes. This is a warts and all record, stripped down rock ’n’ roll the way God meant for it to be played.

Track Listing

Track Title Length
01 Roaches in My Pants Listen 2:10
02 Joe Godsil 2:49
03 I Met a Girl 1:43
04 Cross-dresser Listen 2:24
05 (You’re My) Rice Krispie Treat 1:21
06 Turtlehead 1:03
07 Teresa Piece o’ Poo 2:03
08 Cold Wind Blowin’ 2:23
09 Plate of Spaghetti Listen 0:51
10 Phone Jesus 1:49
11 Nelson’s Choking 2:06
12 Method of Ingestion 1:57
13 Packy 2:26
14 Wesley Willis 1:08
15 Big Long Car 3:14
16 Judy’s Got a Boyfriend 1:33
17 Yeast Infection 1:30
18 Judy’s Got a Boyfriend (acoustic) 1:43
19 Wesley Willis (acoustic) 0:58
20 I Met a Girl (acoustic) 1:46
21 Teresa Piece o’ Poo (acoustic) 2:19
22 Carson Girls (demo - take 1) 1:50